Member Representation


Representation and Lobbying

As the professional representative voice for your industry, the LVA has:

  • Secured the amendment to licensing law to allow pubs to open on Good Friday.
  • Successfully lobbied against excise increases in recent Budgets.
  • Developed the ‘Support Your Local’ campaign to improve the positioning of pubs.
  • Lobbied successfully for Minimum Pricing for alcohol in the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill.
  • Represented the views of Dublin publicans on key legislation ranging from licensing to taxation to employment law to minimum wage.
  • Prioritised insurance reform as a founder of the Alliance for Insurance Reform.
  • Represented the Dublin trade on groups as diverse as the Dublin City Business Forum and the Drink Industry Group of Ireland (DIGI).
  • Set forward the views of Dublin publicans with the media.

The LVA also provides a voice for the industry, representing the views of the sector through the media, advocating for the needs of publicans with political, civic and business stakeholders as well as making the case for the industry in negotiations with suppliers.


Minimising Risk, Managing Claims – LVA Public Liability Briefing 13 Nov